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A Case for Custom Power Management ASICS

The mobile device explosion seems to continue without a pause. The convergence of functionalities on a palm top device is fuelling applications that till yesterday seemed straight from a science fiction story. Several innovations in a wide range of disciplines have enabled this. Innovations in sensors have added a lot of functionality to these portable, handhelds. Touch sensors and stylus are replacing the traditional keyboard and mouse. MEMS microphones are enabling addition of multiple microphones in a device, enabling echo cancellation applications. Improvements in display panels and audio functionalities are making video functionality a given in these devices. And of course, the evolution of 3G and 4G network has enabled high speed data connectivity. The recent revving up of Operating System wars is an indication of how seriously the industry takes this space. It is distinctly possible that these handheld platforms will be the personal computers for everyday use in the near future.

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Driver Solutions for LED Backlighting

White LEDs (WLED) are increasingly becoming the light source of choice for backlighting applications due to their attractiveness in power efficiency and form factor. Display solutions in portable handheld systems like smartphones and tablets use LEDs for backlighting due to their higher reliability, lower DC operating voltage, higher color gamut, higher operating temperature range, localized light dimming control and higher system efficiencies.

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