Custom PMASICs enable customers to develop optimized PM solutions for their system. Customers may develop PMASIC to be :

  • 1. Integrated with SoC in a System in Package / Multi-chip module
  • 2. Developed as companion IC for the system SoC and peripherals

Cirel Systems has developed platforms with silicon proven modules which enable customers to develop customized PM solution in a short time.

The platform is based on silicon proven blocks and customer can choose the blocks that are to be integrated in the PM ASIC reviewing the characterization results of these silicon proven blocks. In addition to PowerVantage platform CirelSystemss also offers custom analog cores to realize the customer function.
Some of the unique cores of the PowerVantage platform that can be leveraged are:

  • 1. Buck Converter: High efficiency, low component value, programmable frequency, internal compensation
  • 2. Linear Regulator: capable of supporting high load current over wide output voltage, Low quiescent current
  • 3. HV Boost Converter: High efficiency, Low component value, programmable frequency, internal compensation
  • 4. Power Control Sub system: Input power Mux for AC adapter and USB, Battery Charger for Li-ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Lead-Acid, Back up battery charger
  • 5. Buck-Boost Converter: Auto transition, H bridge, low component value, internal compensation
  • 6. Digital DVM LDOs: Small step size for output programming over wide range, low drop out, fast transient response, low quiescent current
  • 7. Analog and RF LDOs: High PSRR up to high frequency of 1-2MHz, Low noise, Low Quiescent current
  • 8. LED Driver: Buck converter and Boost converter for LED applications
  • 9. POR and precision voltage reference: Precision voltage reference, Power on reset and brown out indicators
  • 10. Temperature Sensor: High accuracy with 10 bit digital output
  • 11. Touch Screen controller: Resistive as well capacitive solutions

Cirel is developing a family of PMICs for portable power management applications. More details will be added shortly.

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