CSPM3001 is an highly integrated Power Management IC for portable applications powered by single-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer cell, which require multiple power rails. CSPM3001 provides three highly efficient, step-down converters targeted at providing the core voltage, peripheral, I/O and memory rails in a processor-based system. All three step-down converters provides maximum efficiency across the widest possible range of load currents. A high Efficiency switch mode Battery charger with upto 2A battery charging current. CSPM3001 also integrates 8 LDOs with wide input voltage range of 2.7-5.5V. LDOs provide very High PSRR, Good output accuracy and transient response.

CSPM3001 also provides two step-up convertors. One 5V/700mA Boost can be used in USB OTG applications and for powering HDMI port. One 6V-25V boost and max 180mA of output current for powering White LEDs for LCD backlight in displays. It also provides an intelligent Power-Mux to power system from external 5V Adaptor/USB or battery. CSPM3001 comes in a 9mm x 9mm, 76-pin QFN package.

CSPM3001 Evaluation Board


CSPM3001 Evaluation board is available for purchase, please contact ic@cirelsystems.com

CSPM3001 Module

Module Design Guide

It is a small 25.5mm x 22.5mm module with all passives integrated. Module can be directly soldered on customers PCB with easily accessible inputs and outputs. Details of module can be found in above design guide. CSPM3001 Module board is available for purchase, please contact ic@cirelsystems.com