Short Datasheet

CSPM1305 is a highly integrated PMIC for multi core processors systems. It is targeted for Wearable, IOT devices, LTE dongles and any other space constrained applications. It has 5 high efficiency DCDC converters for the processor core and IO rails, High PSRR LDO’s for sensor and other system peripherals. CSPM1305 is available in a tiny 3.6mm x 3.6mm 81-WLCSP package.

The high efficiency DCDC converters are designed keeping the power requirements of the latest System on Chips (SoCs).

The device supports a programmable Power up sequencing which can be customized to fit the SoC power sequence requirement. The device supports an easy to use I2C interface. For complete datasheet please contact ic@cirelsystems.com

CSPM1305 Evaluation Board

EVB Schematics

CSPM1305 Evaluation board is available for purchase, please contact ic@cirelsystems.com

CSPM1305 Module

Module Design Guide
Module Schematics

ICSPM1305 module is 12mm x 12mm in size with all passives integrated for easy integration into customers design. This reduced form factor can be particularly very useful in space constraint applications in wearable, IOT, LTE dongles and other portable devices. CSPM1305 also provides customizable low power sleep modes to enhance battery life CSPM3001 Module board is available for purchase, please contact ic@cirelsystems.com